It’s not every day that we get the root of our emotions, or the cause of our learned behaviors. It does seem, however, that we look for distractions from them. Learn how to navigate your physicality and emotions better while unlocking the secret to restoring your body.

A Band-Aid® offers no inherent healing properties. It simply acts as a protective measure while your body heals itself.

Our cells are constantly changing–growing, decaying, dying, and beginning new again. Our bodies are capable of incredible restoration and rebirth–indeed, we can become entirely different humans down to our very cellular makeup, if we allow it.

Our Own Greatest Critic

Often, the greatest inhibition to physical regrowth and regeneration is, well–ourselves. It’s easier to access foods unindigenous to our heritage, it’s ubiquitous that food be inundated with processed syrups, starches, compounds, and chemicals. The more processed and unnatural these ingredients, the greater difficulty our body has in using them, and the more energy and effort is expended in cycling them out.


Needless to say–the more time our body spends protecting us from environmental assaults, the less time it spends healing, rejuvenating, and restoring our bodies. Like a Band-Aid, there are natural alternatives that help to protect the body, mind, and even spirit while you heal and regrow yourself.



When we’re born, we’re in balance. We eat when we need to, we sleep when we need to, we crave attention and affection when we need it, and we set boundaries when we feel them. Anything beyond that is learned behaviors. The older we get, the less intuitive our lives become–and for those that have awakened, change is in order.


Many of us are currently running through the process of healing our inner child and promoting some form of ancestral healing. While we think of those things typically as spirit and mind attributes–healing that child can be physical as well.


Learned behaviors aren’t simply eating patterns–physically learned behavior can be:

  • Biting your nails when you’re nervous
  • Checking your surroundings when telling a joke
  • Walking on the other side of the street at night
  • Carrying your keys in between your fingers

Even the way you dress and walk can be learned. We perceive in ourselves what we think we’re telling others by the way we dress and the gait of our stance. All of these–body centric.


It’s important to know that none of these are inherently bad–in fact–some of these attributes and habituated experiences may have complacently saved your life, who’s to say. So while none of these things require groundwork change, the process of restoring the body can help you determine what those choices are rooted in, and if their genuine or not.


The Root Of Restoration

Many emotions we feel are actually second affects of stimulus that we receive.

  • We feel frustration because we’re misunderstood and miscommunicate
  • We feel elated because we are physically rewarded for completing a hard task
  • We feel joy because the circumstances we’ve worked to put ourselves in begin to take place
  • We feel anger because
  • We feel happiness because…


It’s because. Emotions are felt because something happens. This also means we act out because we feel things and refuse to process them.

  • We turn to TikTok because we felt a new and big emotion
  • We eat food because we were confronted with emotions we don’t want to process
  • We lash out because that might help someone understand better what we’re trying to say


There’s always a because, and there’s always an effect. 




Calming The Body To Sort Emotions

To help us achieve more moments of zen, we can process these emotions and face them head on. When the body spends less time putting itself through the reactionary cycle, it can have more breath and freedom to restore itself.


To ground yourself and begin a process of restoration, follow these beginning steps and see how you can implement them in your daily routine.


Try This

  1. Breathe in through the nose for 8 seconds.
  2. Hold for 4 seconds.
  3. Breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds.

Note: Try and create some resistance against your lungs so that the air is pressurized and flows out evenly and consistent for all 8 seconds. Tighten your lips, and relax your cheeks so they expand when you breathe out.

Our natural breathing rhythm when we sleep tends to be, ”In for x amount of seconds, out for equal. The lungs usually hold that capacity for half the time it took to breathe in.” We want the whole thing to feel even, if it feels rushed at the beginning or at the end, slow down and try again.


A bit of breathwork can be a big deal. It’ll help bypass the vagus nerve, drown out anxiety static, and help set you up to ask some introspective questions about your emotions, your body, and your process of restoration.

Meditation Questions 

Remember, as you traverse these introspections, there are no wrong answers–these are only checkpoints to help guide you.


  1. What would your life look like if you had no fear?
  2. Imagine yourself in ten years, what advice would they give to you?
  3. How about ten years ago? What advice can you offer them?
  4. Which version of yourself do you need to release or forgive today?
  5. What are the qualities (not titles like: mother, lover, or friend) your closest loved ones would attribute to you? How does that align with the traits you give yourself?


Knowing the root of who you are and where you want to be, helps us uncover just exactly the healing that we need within ourselves. The things we skirt around, the tender spots we don’t want to acknowledge, might actually be the points we need to lean into for restoration and growth.


Try these exercises daily to see what you unlock and how you and be more receptive to growth in the coming days and years.


Okay… But How Does CBD Help

Most of what we’ve talked about is brilliant as a stand-alone. Cannabidiol (CBD), however, has immense propensity to restore the body and equalize our internal bodily functions.


While you’re doing the internal work of regulating emotions, daily physical stressors and protections, and healing the learned physical life you have–CBD contributes to homeostasis, bringing the entire nervous system into equilibrium.


Your body has an endocannabinoid system–it produces, naturally, some of the same compounds in CBD. CBD simply helps to regulate the expression of those systems. An uninhibited endocannabinoid system means a more relaxed, expressive, free, and whole nervous system.


Beyond even that, CBD has been studied and is known for:

  • Reducing Seizures
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Reducing Insomnia (both falling, and staying asleep)
  • Maintain Inflammation
  • Lessen Addiction Cravings


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This kind of CBD is key to unlocking your full potential through your journey of self discovery, love, and improvement. Cara’s is specifically designed to help you develop and maintain long lasting relationships while you grow your business.


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