Personal growth is empowering. There are steps you can take to begin awakening your mind, restoring your body, and liberating your spirit–and CBD can help. There’s a movement waiting for you–and all you have to do is ask the right questions.


There has been an awakening.


Worldwide people and their insatiable souls are yearning for fulfillment. Be it deeply personal and introspective, or in the revel of accolades–people are waking up.


This act of self-discovery is not nearly easily done as it is spoken. The truth behind awakening is that it’s deeply vulnerable, extremely personal, and frighteningly powerful. To those on the verge of awakening, good morning–to those here, continue–and those not yet ready, none of us ever are.


What If I’m Not Into Woo-Woo Stuff?

Let’s two-step back for a quick shimmy and just clarify, while that opener was pretty “woo-woo” awakening doesn’t have to be. While many sects, factions, studies, groups, coaches, and circles have their own definition, at its core awakening is about healing. Whatever stage you’re in, wherever life has taken you, there is always an opportunity to heal, and always a new chance for awakening.


You don’t have to be religious, spiritual, witchy, or even intuitive–just brave. Awakening is seeing something in your life that brings you harm and simply realizing that it’s an aspect that you can better or improve. 


  • You can work long hours and want to improve your work/life balance–that’s awakening.
  • You can drink too much diet coke (guilty) and switch to water–that’s also awakening.
  • You can even realize that you’re being unkind to your body with dietary restrictions and switch to diet coke–still awakening.


It’s not inherently good or inherently bad–it’s inherently growth.


Think Of It Like Brain Maintenance

Think of your brain like a computer. It’s taking in data–ALL. THE. TIME!


Sometimes our computers don’t turn off. Sometimes they get viruses. Sometimes the hardware breaks down (but only after the warranty expires *cough**cough* “apple” *cough**cough*). Sometimes the computer isn’t used enough.


Think of awakening not as a factory reset, or even turning your computer off and on again–it’s deliberately going through the files and choosing what you keep, and what you don’t.


It’s freeing up hard drive space, debugging, virus protection, and maintenance all in one. Awakening is realizing your computer isn’t performing optimally, and actively choosing to do something about it!


What Does Awakening Look Like

Unlike computers, we’re humans. Which means that awakening can be a little scary–it’s not always as simple as drag-and-drop to the recycling bin. It’s: 

  • Healing your inner child 
  • A personal journey through self-discovery
  • Gaining an awareness of the ego
  • Dehabituating learned responses
  • Providing for yourself, before you please the people around you


While some of those sound vulnerable and intimidating, they don’t have to be. Remember, you never have to go somewhere or do more work than your soul is ready for.


Dehabituating can be knowing that you chew your fingernails when you’re anxious. Gaining awareness of ego can be the recognition that you go on the auto-defense over a certain subject. Not all of them must be terribly deep or introspective–they can be simple baby steps.


Be critical about yourself before you’re critical of others and you may find your life shifting drastically. No need to be harsh or demeaning, just be thoughtful and open minded about all you do.

A Few Questions You Can Ask

  • Am I acting on impulse or out of routine?
  • Is this something I want, or something I was told I want?
  • Where does this passion come from?
  • Where did I learn this?
  • Why do I want that?


Not all of them have to be that deep or personal–but when exploring triggers, thoughts, boundaries, and reactions that’s certainly a good place to start.


How Does Cara’s Naturals Help?

CBD is a highly controversial subject and as a result, speculation surrounding its effects, history, and image can be confusing, if not at times dubious.


Cara’s is a revolutionary community whose purpose is to awaken the mind, restore the body, and liberate the spirit. By asking critical questions, we can begin to understand where our prejudices and judgements come from, and begin to assess if that’s what we actually want.


Cara’s offers a cornucopia of training and education about CBD directly from the farm that it’s cultivated on. That kind of direct integration of information provides a unique first hand account of the benefits, growth, maintenance, and modern value of CBD.


By creating an open mindset you begin to awaken you mind by:

  • Journeying through self-discovery
  • Teaching what you learn and asking critical questions
  • Encouraging self-growth and motivation
  • Expanding your beliefs (CBD truly is one of the most healing plants, dating back almost 3,000 years in its historical healing applications
  • Connecting you with a community that’s dedicated to helping you thrive and achieve all your personal and professional goals


Cara’s Naturals is more than just powerful CBD products, its an awakening. People everywhere are beginning to seek out the alternatives to “Name Brand” products and Big Pharma. Instead of paying the elite for poorly made, forgettable products–seek out a community of like-minded individuals who can provide those in need with powerful, healing, products.


Not just products, but the education, support, and love to sustain and empower that growth for years to come.


Find where your journey begins.