Whether that’s a human or plant–everything deserves to be nurtured to its full potential in its time.

Each morning the sun rises and sets on our farm–nothing out of the ordinary.

However, every morning our farm is the first piece of land in Utah to receive sunlight–and by magical serendipity, it’s also the last.

That sweet spot gives our hemp a unique, natural growth advantage over other industrialized strains. That kind of pride drives us to walk the fields daily (yes really, daily) and inspect every flower, every stem, and every stalk (yes… really).

Our daily walks remind us of each individual’s growth and potential–just like Cara. We know the power of Hemp and CBD and the more we cultivate it, the more we understand why it’s been a keystone in traditional healing and holistic medicine for over 3,000 years.

Cara’s Naturals is just that–Natural. From top to bottom, it’s the same, natural, incredible ingredients–the same genetic strain and terpenes in every single product, every single time.

Consistency–like the first and last sun–is the key to sustained growth.

And growth is what we care most about.


We Want The World To Heal

Western society has lost its roots in personal health. Prescriptions are readily available to mask or subdue single symptoms, but often at the cost of overall health. Over-the-counter medications are filled with so many substances that often do more harm than good.

The world has known the benefits of hemp for thousands of years. This plant has been a keystone in Eastern Medicine since nearly 2800 BCE. While we can’t fix all of the problems in the world, hemp can help us take a major step back to natural, safe, healthy healing rooted in Mother Earth.


Hawaiian Express

Apparently Pineapple Express is already copyrighted.

Hawaiian Express is Cara’s proprietary, exclusively owned hemp strain. When it comes to caring for your total wellness, consistency is key. Which means you get the exact same genetic makeup, for the exact same effects, with the exact same potency in every bottle, every time! Guaranteed.


Embody Joy, Make Bucks

Knowing what you know now, Cara’s Naturals is pioneering the CBD Entrepreneur space–and you can be at the forefront.

With competitive payouts, incredible bonuses, unparalleled certifications and training, and a powerful vertical integration system–your products are sure to please and be consistent time after time, after time.

All you have to do is share stories of your progress. Once others are open to healing, changing, and growing–we’ll handle the rest, and you’ll get a cut of any of their future purchases.

Change your life, and the lives of all those around you.


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